Things to do with kids near me

As a parent, you are entitled to the responsibility of making your kids happy. Exciting moments with the entire family strengthens the bond between the kids and parents. There are many things to do with kids with a variety of activities that your kids can literally enjoy, especially when you accompany them in fun, educative and relaxing activities. Without much ado, let’s get to the most interesting activities both at home and outside that would leave your children quenching for more of these:

Watching a movie with your kids

There is nothing that kids enjoy much than watching their favorite animation movie with their parents. This removes the loneliness that comes as a result of parents spending more time at work and less time with the kids. Hence, creating your time to watch a movie together removes the feeling of being abandoned whilst learning the behavior and character of your child as well. Explaining the deeper meaning of the lesson from the movies, makes the kids more informed and wanting to learn more and more, while still enjoying watching the funny characters in the movie.

Visiting a nearby zoo

Kids would enjoy seeing wildlife and asking as many questions as possible concerning the different wild animals. The menagerie gives them a real exhibition and a close look at the wild life rather than what they see in the television and movies. Also, learning new things from you is a big achievement on their side that will make them brag to their friends in school.

Visiting a children’s home together

Not only is visiting those kids fun, but also a way of making your children learn how to love and support other people, especially the disadvantaged in the society. Playing hide and seek, washing clothes with them and singing together will make the day. Your kids love playing and being in the company of other children, hence, this would be a great move to trigger their happiness as well as show love to the kids in the children’s home.


If your kids do not know how to swim, then it is the high time to train them. Get in to a swimming pool, train them using the hand paddles, float disks or kick-boards, then, train them the basics.

Also, if they are good at it, you can compete among yourselves. This creates a jovial mood while still perfecting your swimming skills.

Doing some art work together

Even though you may not be good artists, drawing funny pictures is enjoyable. Buy a drawing book and colored pens, then draw anything that crosses your mind. It may be the house you live in, animals or even your own images. Laughing on each others’ funny drawings is fun and interesting.

Trying to fit in different sizes of clothes in a clothesline

Taking your kids in a clotheslines and fitting in as many clothes; both small and big sizes as possible, would leave you laughing the whole day at the kind of looks when different sizes of clothes are fitted in. Make fun of trying to fit in clothes like a certain superstar or a funny character in a movie before deciding on the best clothes to take home.

Dance with your kids

Tune in a music station and copy the styles of the dancers. Try them out with your kids. Making funny dancing moves and styles leaves everyone elated and refreshed.

Go for a nature walk

Walking is healthy and fun too, especially when members of the same family – both parents and kids decide to take a walk in the up country.

Taking a glance at the different kinds of trees, animals if any, mountains and hills is enjoyable. Though it is tiresome, the funny jokes and stories created along the way gives it a different mood; a cheerful mood.


Engage in reading fairy tales

There are so many books in the libraries and shopping stores with very interesting and enjoyable tales. Get them for your kids and create time to read for them. These stories enhance your child’s creativity and imagination while also improving their verbal communication. They are also fantastical, which creates a good and enjoyable picture in the mind, which the kids would love to listen to more and more.

Ride bicycles together

Riding a bike is healthy and fun altogether. Engage in a competition with your kids by riding a bike in different terrains. Let the kids use the small sized bikes for the children. If they are beginners, then train them how to ride. This will be more fun than you would imagine.

Go to a children’s play-ground and engage in all the activities

There are so many activities in one place for children to enjoy: Swing together; engage in white water rafting; ride toy trains; eat cookies and pop-corns together and sky walk. All these experiences gives your child a happy and jovial mood, while you still enjoy.

Engage in community work

This would include cleaning the area around you by collecting the garbage and clearing any dirt. This should be done with a lot of care; the use of protective attire such as gloves are required to protect yourself and the kids from contracting some possible illnesses out of the dirt. Call other people around you with their children so that the activity is collectively fun and not too tiresome as well.

Conduct birthday parties for your kids

A birthday party is one big thing for a kid. It gives them the sense of appreciation from the parents. However, calling other kids to party together through playing games, eating some pretty good food, receiving gifts and singing the birthday songs for them creates a jovial mood for them.

In conclusion, going the extra mile to find amusing, enjoyable and interesting activities for both you and your kids is quite satisfying. This connects the family, while bringing love and happiness concurrently. The next time you want to make your kids happy, then don’t hesitate to consider engaging in one of the above activities. It is fun, creative, interesting, memorable and enjoyable. Then eventually, you will feel refreshed and a happy family altogether.